Pediatric Therapy Services

                                                                              Fitting Guide

The easiest way to put the JaxWrap on is to begin by having the child lie in a supine position (on their back). Open the JaxWrap with the logo face down and the Velcro facing up. Place the child over the JaxWrap so that it is centered on their trunk. Firmly pull the fabric around the trunk and fasten in the front with the Velcro. Be careful not to pull too tight, as to cause difficulties with breathing or circulation. If you would prefer to have the Velcro close in the back, simply place the child in a prone position (on their stomach) and proceed as above.

The optional shoulder straps can be positioned in a variety of ways to achieve the best possible support. The straps attach with Velcro, and can be positioned and re-positioned anywhere on the JaxWrap. Again, care should be taken not to pull the straps too tight, and avoid a position of the straps that may cause choking.

The optional crotch strap is intended for use in children when the JaxWrap may ride upward because of the shoulder strap position. It should also not be applied too tightly.

                                                                          How To Measure

1. Measure around the child’s trunk at the level of the breast, just under the arms. The tape should be pulled gently, not too tight and not too loose.
2. Measure from under the armpit down to the hips at the point where the leg creases when the hip is brought up to a 90 degree position. 
3. If a crotch strap is needed, measure between the child’s legs from the belly button to the same level on the back.