Pediatric Therapy Services


JaxWrap is designed to improve trunk support and shoulder stability in children who are neurologically impaired. It is fabricated to provide a maintained, circumferential pressure to the musculature of the child’s trunk. When used in combination with the optional straps, it can also provide improved shoulder co-contraction, to benefit upper extremity function as well as head control, depending on the specific child’s needs.

It is widely recognized that deep pressure and co-compression can assist in providing a stimulus for

co-contraction of musculature, and that this action can result in the normalization of muscle tone. 

JaxWrap can apply these techniques in a comfortable, prolonged manner, essentially providing the child

with a constant pair of  “Therapist’s Hands”. When used during a treatment session, JaxWrap can also

benefit the therapist by providing additional trunk support for better proximal stability.

Each JaxWrap is custom fitted to the child, to provide the best use of gradient pressure. Optional straps

can be attached with Velcro, and in turn be positioned and re-positioned to achieve the best possible

posture results. The JaxWrap is intended to be an integral part of a child’s therapy program and should

be used in conjunction with direct therapy sessions, as well as in the home or school setting. Some

research has indicated that the positive effects of maintained pressure diminish over time. JaxWrap

should not simply be put on and left on. Do not use JaxWrap while sleeping. Only use when the

child can be monitored. The neoprene fabric is flammable, is should not be used near an open flame or

near any intense heat source.

JaxWrap is made of 100% neoprene, which provides a high degree of support as well as comfort. JaxWrap is soft to the feel and features a Velcro closure. It is easy to apply and remove, and can be worn over or under the child’s clothing. JaxWrap is easy to care for, simply machine wash on gentle and hang dry.
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