Pediatric Therapy Services

                                                                                                               About Our Philosophy & Services

All services are offered in a collaborative manner, where a coordinated approach to physical, occupational and speech therapy needs can be provided for maximum benefit to the child.We believe that therapy cannot be effective if provided to the child in isolation. Parents and other family members must be participants to enable the child to reach his or her full potential.  Therapy needs to be viewed as an integral part of the child’s day – as part of play time, bath time, personal care activities, and feeding.  All of these can incorporate approaches to enhance the child’s development.  Therapy cannot be most effective if it is simply the sole responsibility of the therapist, who may see the child just for on one two sessions a week. We withhold no “secrets”.

Highlights of Our Treatment Strategies and Services

Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT)

Pediatric Mobilization, Myofacial Release and Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Sensory Integration
Oral Motor Skills/ Feeding
Interactive Metronome
The Listening Program

Orthotics- Referral, Fabrication and Modification
Adaptive Seating & Positioning Devices
Mobility Device Acquisition and Modification


Brain HQ

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